3 of the Biggest Tan Inspos EVER (Celebs who Rocked the Best Tans)!

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston makes number one because she consistently rocks a natural glow as though it’s virtually no effort at all. This gorgeous woman makes casual-glam look easy, and we love her for it (perhaps we wouldn’t love her quite as much if she weren’t so down to earth, but hey, she’d still be our tan goals). Jen has perfected the subtle, honey-skinned look, and it keeps her looking forever young and fresh. Jen, keep rocking the foxy forties!

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Jessica Alba

Although the Honey star has naturally honey-toned skin, Alba has admitted to using spray tan to enhance her natural radiance. This beautiful star can pull off a deeper tan that most, but she keeps it classy and never goes into the orange zone. Head to toe glow is what Jess is all about, and she is definitely one of our biggest tan inspos of all time.

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Kim Kardashian

Love her, hate her, love-to-hate-her – whatever your feels about Kim, one thing’s for sure: she knows how to pull off the bronzed look. Although there’s no doubt that Kim is naturally #blessed in the skin department, she doesn’t shy away from a little help in the form of spray tan. Once or twice, she’s looked a little tangerine, but overall, she nails the deep, naturally tanned look.

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